Job Postings – Updated 6/27/18

The City of McMinnville is recruiting for a Human Resources Manager. Apply online for this opening using the link on our jobs page.

Chapter begins migration to new association management software

The Board of the Oregon Chapter of IPMA-HR has approved use of new association management software, including membership management, event registration, online payments and chapter web site.  The transition may take a few weeks. Initially current member e-mail addresses have been added at Wild Apricot—our vendor for this effort. You may already have received notification of the new site at More likely this address will change at some point during the transition.

The initial e-mail notification mentions a login (a member’s e-mail address) and password.  No login password was established, so you will need to use the password reset option to create one for you, and then you can log in and update your profile information, and see how the transition is progressing. We are excited about the possibilities.  If you did not receive a notification e-mail and this is the first you have heard about this, go to the site listed above and use your e-mail address and the password reset option to login and explore.

The current chapter web site at will remain active during the transition.

If you do have questions or issues, feel free to contact Chapter Secretary Doug Detling (doug.detling@gmail.c0m).

Conducting Investigations Seminar July 19. 2018

The Oregon Chapter will present an two-part investigations seminar on Thursday, July 19, in Tualatin. The first session will (1:30-2:30 p.m.) will address the nuts and bolts of conducting investigations before moving into a discussion of the nuances of conducting investigations in a unionized environment (2:30 t0 4:30 p.m.).  Topics discussed will include the role of union representative during investigatory meetings, when to issue Garrity warnings, and the entity’s obligation to provide information to the union. Recent Employment Relation Board cases related to workplace investigations will also be reviewed.

Our presenter will be Rebekah R. Jacobson, who provides counseling and litigation services to school districts, ESDs, and community colleges on a wide range of matters including employment and labor issues, and constitutional and personal injury claims.
Ms. Jacobson provides training on topics such as misuse of technology, transgender issues, accommodating disabilities, staff-student inappropriate relationships, sexual harassment, and public meetings. She is experienced in addressing requirements related to educational employee sexual misconduct, as well as being versed in investigations surrounding workplace discrimination claims and parent complaints.

A graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law, she worked as an attorney for the Oregon School Boards Association and was a Legislative Assistant to U.S. Congressman Blumenauer.

A social networking hour will follow the presentation.

Please register by July 16, 2018

Download registration form [PDF]

Time to renew Oregon Chapter membership

On behalf of the IPMA-HR Oregon Chapter, we  invite you to join or renew you membership in your local Oregon IPMA-HR chapter!  Our Chapter is committed to providing its members high quality / low cost training programs that meet your needs now and tomorrow. Your membership helps us meet that commitment.  To help provide the valuable feedback we need to help keep our chapter activities relevant to you, please complete our survey.  Survey participants who respond by June 30, 2018 will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card!

For 2018-19, chapter membership will be effective from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. 

Download membership form [PDF]

We look forward to your participation in our local chapter and sharing in our continued success and commitment to the public sector management and human resource profession in Oregon!

Thank you for your continued support of your local chapter of IPMA-HR.


Your Oregon IPMA – HR Chapter Board

May 18 Seminar on Equity and Diversity – Handouts Available

Issues of gender identity and transgender non-conforming inclusion will be the focus of the chapter’s May 18 seminar in Tualatin. Our presenter will be Derrick Travers.

LGBTQ discrimination and legal rights have been the emergent civil rights arena of the 21st Century, joining the unresolved challenges of racism and sexism on the social justice stage. Employment rights, both as they relate to sexual orientation and gender identity, remain rapidly evolving areas of law and policy. It is increasingly critical that public employer Human Resources staff develop and display cultural competence in managing the work environment of LGBTQ staff and their coworkers.

In this training, participants will hear and learn:

• Compelling disparity data regarding the lived experience of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals and the broad variety of intersectionality between worklife and gender identity – it’s not just about “which bathroom to use”
• Applicable vocabulary, skills, and strategies for effectively and respectfully addressing issues related to T/GC staff, including respectful use of pronouns and supporting employees in transition
• Personnel Policy developments for managing gender identity issues in the workplace, and the current legal landscape regarding LGBTQ and T/GC employees

[event has concluded]

The speaker has granted permission to make the following handouts available on the chapter web site:

HR – Personnel Rules – Gender Identity And Expression [PDF]

How to be a Trans Ally [PDF]

Vocab List plus Pronouns [PDF]


Chapter Bylaws Updated

Based on last month’s Oregon IPMA-HR chapter elections, the chapter bylaws have been revised.  The newly revised edition of the bylaws is now available.

Chapter Election Results

Oregon chapter members have elected officers for 2018-19 and directors through 2018. Members also approved amendments to the chapter bylaws

Steve Herron (Multnomah County) was elected chapter president, Brandi Leos (Tigard) as chapter vice president, Debra Bullard (Tualatin) as chaper treasurer, and Doug Detling (HRA VEBA Trust) as secretary. Jim Loeffler of Oregon City becomes immediate past president. These officers will serve until December 31, 2019.

Elected to the board as directors (serving until December 31, 2018) were the following: Amanda Aschim (Independence), Angie Bond (Portland Metro), Pamela Bowles (CIS), Machell DePina (Keizer), Mel Gregg (Woodburn), Lucy Shipley (TVF&R) and Kyle Weraky (Portland Metro).

The revised Board contact roster is available. Revised bylaws will be posted shortly, as they are effective March 1.

Reminder: Election Ballots Due

Election ballots for chapter officers and directors, as well as proposed bylaws amendments, are due Friday, February 23. The ballots were mailed to chapter members late in January.  In case you have misplaced your ballot, it is available from the link below.

Ballots are to be submitted by Friday, February 23, 2018 to chapter secretary Doug Detling (

Download proposed bylaws amendments [PDF]

Download candidate biographical sketches [PDF]

Download election ballot [Word DOCX]

We encourage all chapter members to participate in the election process.



Chapter Presents Recruiting and Hiring Seminar February 16

Please join IPMA-HR Oregon on Friday, February 16, 2018 for a workshop on “Recruiting & Hiring: Strategies for Success in Overcoming the Challenges of Today’s Dwindling Applicant Pool.”

The challenges related to recruiting and hiring have never been greater for our profession.  There are fewer qualified applicants and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.  To be more successful, you will need to act quickly, streamline your hiring process and engage in vigorous outreach and recruiting.  Hear about proven strategies that work to improve the size, quality and diversity of the applicant pool.

  • Participants will learn about the current state of public safety recruiting and hiring: economy continues to improve, record low unemployment rates, record high number of job vacancies in all sectors, increasing number of retirements and a labor force participation rate falling to its lowest point in 39 years.
  • Participants will learn of low/no cost methods to streamline their hiring process and how to improve their agency’s recruiting efforts. Discussion will occur on why doing so is more important than ever before.
  • Participants will learn methods and strategies to improve the size, quality and diversity of their hiring pool and what attracts this millennial generation of candidates to serve.

Presenter Jon Walters is Founder and President of Public Safety Testing, Inc, a firm that specializes in professional recruiting, testing and hiring since 2000.  PST assists more than 200 public safety agencies in the Pacific Northwest with hiring, promotional testing, and investigative services.

[event has concluded]

Bylaw Amendments Proposed for Approval by Chapter Members

The chapter board will be submitting two relative minor amendments to the chapter bylaws.  They have been submitted to the chapter membership for approval. As required, they have also been approved by IPMA-HR Executive Director Neil Reichenberg.

The first amendment would make a technical correction in referring to vacant positions on the board. The text of the proposed amendment is as follows:

Section 9 of Article V – Duties of Officers and Directors would be amended to read:

Section 9 – If a chapter officer or director should resign or be unable to discharge the duties of his/her office and if the unexpired portion of the term is 90 days or longer, the Board of Directors shall call a special election to fill the vacancy. If the unexpired portion of a director’s an officer’s term is fewer than 90 days, the Board of Directors shall designate a board member to discharge the duties of the office for the remainder of the officer’s term. A vacant director’s position with fewer than 90 days remaining in his/her term need not be filled, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The second amendment would make a delete an obsolete reference in the bylaws to the previous calendar year dues basis; currently dues for chapter membership are billed on fiscal year basis. The text of the proposed amendment is as follows:

Section 2 of Article VIII – Chapter Dues would be amended to read:

Section 2 – The Board of Directors of the chapter shall establish the annual dues for chapter membership. Dues shall be for a calendar or fiscal year, provided, however, that twelve (12) months’ notice shall be provided for any change from the current calendar year basis to a fiscal year basis.

The effective date of the proposed amendment shall be no earlier than March 1, 2018 depending on the upcoming election timing.



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