Board Proposes Bylaws Amendment for Special Election

The Chapter Board is proposing in a special election to be conducted in August that Section V of the chapter bylaws be amended to allow for the orderly filling of vacant board positions. The proposed amendment would change Article V  Section 9 of the bylaws to read (underscores are additions, strike-through are deletions):

Section 9 – If a chapter officer or director should resign or be unable to discharge the duties of his/her office and if the unexpired portion of the term is 90 days or morelonger, the Board of Directors shall call a special election to fill the vacancy. If the unexpired portion of a director’sthe term is less fewer than 90 days, the Board of Directors shall designate a board member to discharge the duties of the office for the remainder of the officer’s term. A vacant director’s position with fewer than 90 days remaining in his/her term need not be filled, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

A special election ballot will be electronically submitted to the chapter membership soon, with the amendment to be effective upon adoption. Simultaneously, the Board proposes to fill vacant positions (assuming the Bylaws are amended as proposed).

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