Conducting Investigations Seminar July 19. 2018

The Oregon Chapter will present an two-part investigations seminar on Thursday, July 19, in Tualatin. The first session will (1:30-2:30 p.m.) will address the nuts and bolts of conducting investigations before moving into a discussion of the nuances of conducting investigations in a unionized environment (2:30 t0 4:30 p.m.).  Topics discussed will include the role of union representative during investigatory meetings, when to issue Garrity warnings, and the entity’s obligation to provide information to the union. Recent Employment Relation Board cases related to workplace investigations will also be reviewed.

Our presenter will be Rebekah R. Jacobson, who provides counseling and litigation services to school districts, ESDs, and community colleges on a wide range of matters including employment and labor issues, and constitutional and personal injury claims.
Ms. Jacobson provides training on topics such as misuse of technology, transgender issues, accommodating disabilities, staff-student inappropriate relationships, sexual harassment, and public meetings. She is experienced in addressing requirements related to educational employee sexual misconduct, as well as being versed in investigations surrounding workplace discrimination claims and parent complaints.

A graduate of the University of Oregon School of Law, she worked as an attorney for the Oregon School Boards Association and was a Legislative Assistant to U.S. Congressman Blumenauer.

A social networking hour will follow the presentation.

Please register by July 16, 2018

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May 18 Seminar on Equity and Diversity – Handouts Available

Issues of gender identity and transgender non-conforming inclusion will be the focus of the chapter’s May 18 seminar in Tualatin. Our presenter will be Derrick Travers.

LGBTQ discrimination and legal rights have been the emergent civil rights arena of the 21st Century, joining the unresolved challenges of racism and sexism on the social justice stage. Employment rights, both as they relate to sexual orientation and gender identity, remain rapidly evolving areas of law and policy. It is increasingly critical that public employer Human Resources staff develop and display cultural competence in managing the work environment of LGBTQ staff and their coworkers.

In this training, participants will hear and learn:

• Compelling disparity data regarding the lived experience of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming individuals and the broad variety of intersectionality between worklife and gender identity – it’s not just about “which bathroom to use”
• Applicable vocabulary, skills, and strategies for effectively and respectfully addressing issues related to T/GC staff, including respectful use of pronouns and supporting employees in transition
• Personnel Policy developments for managing gender identity issues in the workplace, and the current legal landscape regarding LGBTQ and T/GC employees

[event has concluded]

The speaker has granted permission to make the following handouts available on the chapter web site:

HR – Personnel Rules – Gender Identity And Expression [PDF]

How to be a Trans Ally [PDF]

Vocab List plus Pronouns [PDF]



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