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Revised Roster of Attendance for Portland Conference

A revised roster of attendance has been prepared for the April WRIPMA conference.  The PDF file distributed to participants at the conference was incomplete.

Revised Roster [PDF – 32K]

Certificates of attendance used for IPMA-HR certification renewal and SHRM certification will be distributed by e-mail to attendees shortly.



When Things Go Wrong in the Workplace…Really Wrong

Milwaukie Police Chief Bob Jordan, a 27-plus-year veteran of the FBI, will be the featured speaker at our chapter’s last breakfast presentation for the 2010-2011 year, to be held June 9.

In this presentation, we will review some of the more disastrous actions that have occurred in the workplace, with a view towards “lessons learned”.  There are high frequency events that our most thoughtful managers have awareness of and know how to address with the help of HR.  Some recurring workplace issues such as allegations of age or gender discrimination, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment are troubling, but we have learned how to address them.  Even the most attentive manager can fail to plan for the less recurrent, but catastrophic events that, in fact do, occur.   This session will focus on the low frequency, high risk events and what HR and managers need to know to be prepared for these.  Chief Jordan will  cover lessons learned from workplace shootings and other tragic events.  From such events there are some basic preventive and mitigating steps that can be taken to minimize the impact to co-workers and to your organization.

[event has concluded]


Conference Materials Update

At the Western Region IPMA-HR conference held last week and hosted by the Oregon Chapter, participants received USB drives containing copies of most of the presentations and/or handouts from the conference workshops.  Several  speakers have provided updated copies of the materials or presentations, which may be downloaded now.  Dr.  James Mason’s bibliography has been updated again, as of June 13., 2011.

Alisa Blum’s presentation on generations [PDF – 3 MB]

Dianne Burt-Green’s pre-conference presentation on total compensation [PPT – 13 MB];  PDF version [51.8 MB]

Marnie Green’s presentation on G-Force workforce change [PDF – 3.3 MB]

Lorraine McKay’s presentation on resilient talent management [PowerPoint – 4 MB]

James Mason’s keynote on diversity leadership [PowerPoint – 2.2 MB]; Resource Bibliography [PDF]; Bias Assessment Tool [PDF]

Sally Rhys’ presentation on ethical decision-making [PowerPoint – 4.1 MB]

Kasey Sixt’s presentation on diversity recruiting [PDF – 62.5 MB], and links to three videos:






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