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Bellevue, WA seeks HR Director

Please see our jobs page for a newly listed Human Resources Director recruitment for the City of Bellevue, Washington. Closing date is May 6.


Social Media and What Public Organizations Need to Know

Barbara Bloom of the Bullard Law firm will be the presenter at the Oregon chapter’s May 10 seminar in Tualatin.

The use of social media has grown dramatically over the past few years. You know that your employees are participating on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, but where does the line cross between personal communication and a violation of workplace policy? The legal landscape currently is being shaped on this subject. Keeping up on recent cases, new state laws, and labor law developments related to an employer’s review of personal social media use, as well as discipline for employees who make workplace related comments via social media, can be a full time job. It has become very important to develop (and update) a social media policy that not only fits your organization, but also complies with applicable law in these areas. Join us for an informative session about your rights and obligations as an employer as we all navigate through this legal maze.

Barbara will also be presenting this material at a May 9 workshop cosponsored by the chapter and the Rogue Valley Public Services Academy at the Rogue Valley Council of Governments offices in Central Point.

[event has concluded]

Chapter members to consider bylaws amendments

The Board of the Oregon IPMA-HR Chapter is pleased to submit to the membership for approval proposed changes to the Chapter Bylaws to modify the term of office of the Chapter Officers from one year to two years, and to change the elections so that new officers take office in January rather than July.

The members are asked to approve these changes by extending the term of the current officers by six months, and then new elections would be held in late fall or early winter, with new officers to take office in January 2014.

The ballot has been e-mailed to all chapter members.  If you didn’t get one, and wish to vote, you may download the ballot [PDF].

Ballots may be completed and sent via e-mail or regular mail. Deadline for submitting ballots is March 28.


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