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Chapter Presents Recruiting and Hiring Seminar February 16

Please join IPMA-HR Oregon on Friday, February 16, 2018 for a workshop on “Recruiting & Hiring: Strategies for Success in Overcoming the Challenges of Today’s Dwindling Applicant Pool.”

The challenges related to recruiting and hiring have never been greater for our profession.  There are fewer qualified applicants and that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.  To be more successful, you will need to act quickly, streamline your hiring process and engage in vigorous outreach and recruiting.  Hear about proven strategies that work to improve the size, quality and diversity of the applicant pool.

  • Participants will learn about the current state of public safety recruiting and hiring: economy continues to improve, record low unemployment rates, record high number of job vacancies in all sectors, increasing number of retirements and a labor force participation rate falling to its lowest point in 39 years.
  • Participants will learn of low/no cost methods to streamline their hiring process and how to improve their agency’s recruiting efforts. Discussion will occur on why doing so is more important than ever before.
  • Participants will learn methods and strategies to improve the size, quality and diversity of their hiring pool and what attracts this millennial generation of candidates to serve.

Presenter Jon Walters is Founder and President of Public Safety Testing, Inc, a firm that specializes in professional recruiting, testing and hiring since 2000.  PST assists more than 200 public safety agencies in the Pacific Northwest with hiring, promotional testing, and investigative services.

[event has concluded]

Bylaw Amendments Proposed for Approval by Chapter Members

The chapter board will be submitting two relative minor amendments to the chapter bylaws.  They have been submitted to the chapter membership for approval. As required, they have also been approved by IPMA-HR Executive Director Neil Reichenberg.

The first amendment would make a technical correction in referring to vacant positions on the board. The text of the proposed amendment is as follows:

Section 9 of Article V – Duties of Officers and Directors would be amended to read:

Section 9 – If a chapter officer or director should resign or be unable to discharge the duties of his/her office and if the unexpired portion of the term is 90 days or longer, the Board of Directors shall call a special election to fill the vacancy. If the unexpired portion of a director’s an officer’s term is fewer than 90 days, the Board of Directors shall designate a board member to discharge the duties of the office for the remainder of the officer’s term. A vacant director’s position with fewer than 90 days remaining in his/her term need not be filled, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

The second amendment would make a delete an obsolete reference in the bylaws to the previous calendar year dues basis; currently dues for chapter membership are billed on fiscal year basis. The text of the proposed amendment is as follows:

Section 2 of Article VIII – Chapter Dues would be amended to read:

Section 2 – The Board of Directors of the chapter shall establish the annual dues for chapter membership. Dues shall be for a calendar or fiscal year, provided, however, that twelve (12) months’ notice shall be provided for any change from the current calendar year basis to a fiscal year basis.

The effective date of the proposed amendment shall be no earlier than March 1, 2018 depending on the upcoming election timing.



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