Hit by the stupid truck?

As an HR professional or manager have you ever watched in agony as a colleague, agency manager, or employee self-destructs in public from his or her own behavior? We watch the situation go from bad to worse and wonder, “What is this person thinking? Why is this person doing this? Were they hit by the stupid truck?”

In this September 24 kickoff to the Oregon Chapter’s educational programs for the year, Deputy Chief Michael Duyck of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue will delve into the causes that underlie self-destructive conduct and behaviors by individuals that work in the public sector. Using stories of real situations, the Chief will explore the factors that lead people to behaving in a way that contradicts reason and rational thinking. While at times painfully humorous, you will learn to spot at-risk patterns of conduct and gain insight into the difference between a lone event, and symptomatic behaviors.

You will gain insight into how to recognize and successfully deal with irrational behaviors. This is a valuable capability since in the end any self-destructive act by a public employee hurts the organization and the reputation of all of us working in the public sector.

[event has concluded]


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