Special Election Results

Oregon chapter members have approved an amendment to the chapter bylaws providing for special elections to fill vacant officer and director positions, and concurrently elected a new chapter Secretary and elected five new directors to fill board positions.

Doug Detling, who has several years service on the board as a director, will serve as Secretary, filling the unexpired term (until December 31) of Rob Koch, long-time Secretary who died last May.

Elected to the board as directors were the following: Amanda Aschim, Angie Bond, Pamela Bowles, Lucy Shipley and Kyle Weraky.  All will serve as directors through December 31, but all are expected to be candidates for director positions when regular elections are held later this year.

The revised Board contact roster is available.

New Officers and Board Members Elected

Election results from the chapter elections have been tabulated, and the slate of officers and board members have been chose for 2014-2015.

Anna Lee, currently serving as Vice President, will become Chapter President, succeeding Janet Newport, who will continue to serve on the chapter Board as Immediate Past President. Jim Loeffler, who had served as a director the past year, will become new chapter Vice President. Retaining their positions on the board are Secretary Rob Koch and Treasurer Debra Bullard.

The following Board members have been re-elected to one-year terms: Machell DePina, Rose Lorenzen, Doug Detling, Andrea Denton and Karol Ford.  New directors serving in 2014 will be Travis Graves, Debi Smith, Carolyn Ross, Mel Gregg and Mark Stotik.





Chapter members to consider bylaws amendments

The Board of the Oregon IPMA-HR Chapter is pleased to submit to the membership for approval proposed changes to the Chapter Bylaws to modify the term of office of the Chapter Officers from one year to two years, and to change the elections so that new officers take office in January rather than July.

The members are asked to approve these changes by extending the term of the current officers by six months, and then new elections would be held in late fall or early winter, with new officers to take office in January 2014.

The ballot has been e-mailed to all chapter members.  If you didn’t get one, and wish to vote, you may download the ballot [PDF].

Ballots may be completed and sent via e-mail or regular mail. Deadline for submitting ballots is March 28.

Election Results

Chapter members have completed balloting for the 2011-2012 officers of the Oregon IPMA-HR Chapter.  Officers for the current year are:

Andrea Villagrana – President
Janet Newport – Vice President
Rob Koch – Secretary
Debra Bullard – Treasurer
Mary Rowe – Past President
Machell DePina – Membership Coordinator
Travis Graves – Programs
Rose Lorenzen – Nominations
Doug Detling – Website / Chapter Communications
Anna Lee – Professional Development
Sara Moye – Rural Outreach
Mark Hunt – Programs
Ron Fox – Professional Development / Conference / Competency Training
Andrea Denton – Rural Outreach

Congratulations to returning and new board members.


2011-2012 Chapter Board Election Ballots

The slate of officers for the 2011-2012 year for IPMA-HR’s Oregon Chapter and election ballot have been sent via e-mail to members. Please take the time to review and mark your ballots.  They should be returned to Rose Lorenzen, HR Analyst for the City of McMinnville, at lorenzr@ci.mcminnville.or.us.  Please do so by July 1, 2011.




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