Two Pre-Conference Workshops April 27

Two pre-conference workshops are scheduled for the morning of April 27 for Western Region IPMA’s spring conference. They are included in the conference registration program (see earlier posts), but we thought it would be worth highlighting in a separating post.

The first session is presented by Dianne Burt-Green of MBL Group,  LLC entitled “Building Your Compensation Road Map.” During this session, Dianne maintains that designing or revamping compensation programs can be a daunting mountain to climb for any HR practitioner.   Like any mountain, there are many paths or roads that can take you to the top, and the key to success is knowing what road to take.  In this workshop session, the key components to building your road map will be outlined, along with the tools and gear you’ll want to have for your ascent.  You’ll learn to identify indicators and flags that signal that a compensation design/redesign is in order, how to create pay philosophy and strategy required to find the right road, how to map your project plan and how to anticipate and deal with the key hazards to watch out for along the trek.

The other session is presented by Cynthia O’Neill, a Partner with Liebert Cassidy Whitmore. Cynthia will present a workshop on the optimum approaches to personnel rules and employer-employee relations issues from a policy and legal standpoint.  Learn what you need to look for to ensure your agency’s personnel policies are current and correct.

The pre-conference workshops are from 8 to 11:30 a.m. on April 27 at the conference, which opens at 11:30 with the Chapter Presidents’ Luncheon.

Register for the conference [This link takes you directly to the Western Region conference registration site] – You will receive discounted rates until the conference begins.

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