Conference Materials Update

At the Western Region IPMA-HR conference held last week and hosted by the Oregon Chapter, participants received USB drives containing copies of most of the presentations and/or handouts from the conference workshops.  Several  speakers have provided updated copies of the materials or presentations, which may be downloaded now.  Dr.  James Mason’s bibliography has been updated again, as of June 13., 2011.

Alisa Blum’s presentation on generations [PDF – 3 MB]

Dianne Burt-Green’s pre-conference presentation on total compensation [PPT – 13 MB];  PDF version [51.8 MB]

Marnie Green’s presentation on G-Force workforce change [PDF – 3.3 MB]

Lorraine McKay’s presentation on resilient talent management [PowerPoint – 4 MB]

James Mason’s keynote on diversity leadership [PowerPoint – 2.2 MB]; Resource Bibliography [PDF]; Bias Assessment Tool [PDF]

Sally Rhys’ presentation on ethical decision-making [PowerPoint – 4.1 MB]

Kasey Sixt’s presentation on diversity recruiting [PDF – 62.5 MB], and links to three videos:






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