New Feature on the Website

The chapter is in the process up creating a new system to manage communications with members and others in the human resources field in Oregon. A new mailing list for the chapter is being established, and those interested may join the mailing list using a subscription form provided on this site. The same form may be used to unsubscribe from the list.

Initially, those who are on the existing mailing list will be added automatically. Because a different e-mail server is being used for the new system, however, it is possible that some addresses will be rejected as undeliverable because different agencies use different ways to filter e-mail to reduce spam.

Our new e-mail list is titled Messages to the list will be sent by If you were getting e-mail messages from the chapter, and then from time to time find you are not, please use the subscription form on this site (the Tab above is Mailing List) to re-register your e-mail address. You will be asked to confirm your subscription.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


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