Speed of Trust Seminar for March Program

Trust, says Stephen M.R. Covey, is the very basis of the new global economy, and he shows how trust—and the speed at which it is established with clients, employees, and constituents—is the essential ingredient for any high–performance, successful organization.

For business leaders and public figures in any arena, The Speed of Trust offers an unprecedented and eminently practical look at exactly how trust functions in our every transaction and relationship—from the most personal to the broadest, most indirect interaction—and how to establish trust immediately so that you and your organization can forego the time–killing, bureaucratic check–and–balance processes so often employed in lieu of actual trust.

The Oregon chapter has arranged for a half-day seminar (8 a.m to noon) for its upcoming March 8 program at the Tualatin Police Department.

Program presenter is Sam Senn, President of Sam Senn & Associates.  Sam performed his undergraduate work at the Evergreen State College and has an Executive Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington. In association with the FranklinCovey organization, this firm helps create sustainable organizational results by developing principle-centered leaders, creating trustworthy staff and stakeholder relationships, building individual character and interpersonal effectiveness and implementing win-win performance systems that inspire positive engagement, accountability and innovation.

[event has concluded]


Effective Organizational Communication Presentation Materials

Does it seem that you’re hearing the general public complaining more about “government?” This change the public’s attitude increases the importance of effective organizational communications within local government agencies. Leadership needs to pay greater attention to the frequency, the content, and the method of communicating with agency employees more now than every before. Developing and honing some basic and proven communications tools, competencies, and processes will be required by all levels of the leadership team in order to meet the communication needs of the employees in this dynamic environment.

This was the topic of the chapter’s November 18 breakfast workshop, conducted by Chapter Board Member Rob Koch. For the benefit of those chapter members unable to attend, Rob has made his presentation (PowerPoint) available. The presentation may be downloaded using the link below.

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