Conference Materials Update

At the Western Region IPMA-HR conference held last week and hosted by the Oregon Chapter, participants received USB drives containing copies of most of the presentations and/or handouts from the conference workshops.  Several  speakers have provided updated copies of the materials or presentations, which may be downloaded now.  Dr.  James Mason’s bibliography has been updated again, as of June 13., 2011.

Alisa Blum’s presentation on generations [PDF – 3 MB]

Dianne Burt-Green’s pre-conference presentation on total compensation [PPT – 13 MB];  PDF version [51.8 MB]

Marnie Green’s presentation on G-Force workforce change [PDF – 3.3 MB]

Lorraine McKay’s presentation on resilient talent management [PowerPoint – 4 MB]

James Mason’s keynote on diversity leadership [PowerPoint – 2.2 MB]; Resource Bibliography [PDF]; Bias Assessment Tool [PDF]

Sally Rhys’ presentation on ethical decision-making [PowerPoint – 4.1 MB]

Kasey Sixt’s presentation on diversity recruiting [PDF – 62.5 MB], and links to three videos:





Twelve Terrific Reasons to Attend


The conference line up for the twelve concurrent break-out sessions is sure to get you to “Reaching New Heights” in leading your organization! You can register for the April 27-29 conference at discounted rates until the conference begins.

Legal Update
Cynthia O’Neill, Partner – Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Winning at Recruiting with a Diversity Strategy
Kasey Sixt, Vice President of Branding – CKR Interactive

The Psychology of Leadership Presence –Strategies for Building Acceptance, Credibility & Influence
Dr. Larry Iverson, PhD – Institute for Advanced Development

What if Big Brother is Watching You?
Todd Lyon, Attorney – Williams, Zografos & Peck

Prove It To Me! Resilient Talent Management that Delivers
Lorraine McKay, Human Resource Systems Group, Ltd. (HRSG)

Ethical Decision Making: Earning Public Trust
Sally Rhys, Business Ethics Consultant

Revisiting Harassment in Today’s Workplace
Barbara Bloom, Attorney – Bullard Law

Preparing for the Government Workforce of the Future
Marnie Green, Management Education Group

Tips and Techniques for Determining the Truth
Kathy Peck, Partner – Williams, Zografos & Peck

Religious Expression in the Workplace
Lisa Umscheid, Attorney – Ball Janik, LLP

Building Bridges to the Generations
Alisa Blum, Alisa Blum & Associates

It Doesn’t Come with a Title: Uncommon-Practice Leadership
Nan Russell, Mountain Works Communications

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Four Fantastic Reasons to Attend IPMA-HR’s Western Region Conference April 27-29

Four outstanding international keynote speakers will share a wealth of information on leadership during the WRIPMA Regional Conference in Portland this month. Register now at discounted rates until the conference begins.

Reality Based Leadership
Cy Wakeman, HR Consultant

These are challenging times in our business world today. In HR, we must admit that the ways in which we have taught our leaders to lead is simply not working. These times are calling for a new type of leader – one who is able to quickly see and radically accept the reality of the situation, conserve team energy, and use it instead to impact reality. In this session, attendees will learn how to understand the principals of Reality-Based Leadership:

  • Identify the reasons the current leadership model is failing.
  • Understand the principles of Reality-Based Leadership™.
  • Learn how to apply the principles to your work place and in your coaching opportunities.

Building Allies for Diversity in 21st Century Work Environments
Dr. James Mason, PhD, Diversity Consultant

Making the work environment safe for diversity is in all of our best interests.

As we progress into the 21st century, managing diversity will be essential for all organizations to remain competitive and viable.

This workshop provides insight into fostering a welcoming work environment that supports diversity. The strategies outlined will enhance the warmth and receptivity of a variety of social environments, which impacts building strong teams, upholding concerns for retention, and assuring that marginalized or vulnerable staff have allies on their behalf. In turn, allies will connect to situations where they were marginalized and see the value of action as opposed to the value of contrition. While the activity values diversity, it also begins the process of suggesting appropriate responses for when people feel marginalized or otherwise vulnerable in the workplace. Ultimately the session will cover ways of making diverse staff feel safe, showing how in some ways we are all diverse, teaching that we can use whatever privileges we have to benefit the lives of diverse individuals.

This workshop will involve a blend of didactic and interactive learning to better understand: dimensions of diversity, within-group differences, power and non-power groups, and generally ways of effectively creating welcoming and safe environments.

Navigating the New Normal: Seven Communication Strategies for Changing Times
Sari de la Motte, Nonverbal Solutions

Leaner times. Low public sentiment. Negative attitudes towards government. These are the realities facing the manager, supervisor or human resource professional in today’s economic climate. There is now a critical need for solid leadership to provide guidance, communicate information, manage expectations, anticipate problems and help maintain perspective.

Navigating this “new normal” is difficult when communication is poor. Communication problems lead to costly mistakes, dwindling morale, diminished productivity and increased turnover. Gaining expert control of your communication skills is essential for today’s leaders.

In this session, communication expert Sari de la Motte will share the top seven communication strategies for coping with this new set of circumstances. Participants will learn such strategies as the biggest communication mistake and how to avoid it, why nonverbal intelligence is a must for anyone seeking to communicate effectively, and the number one communication skill that all successful leaders possess.

Leading Change in the 21st Century
Steve Hanamura, Hanamura Consulting Inc.

Leadership and change are two real time challenges facing the IPMA HR manager in this second decade of the twenty-first century. Employees today are being asked to do more with less, work on projects that they didn’t originally sign up for, and work with people whose habits and styles are very different from their own. As leaders we must contend with changing legislation and constantly address employee complexities.

In this session, we will explore how to lead change in turbulent times and maximize productivity. Participants will be able to:

  • Identify the distinction between manager and leader.
  • Develop strategies to remain positive when adversity strikes.
  • Obtain tools to understand the change process.

The session will be thought provoking, lively and interactive.

There will be a discounted registration rate of $230 until the date of the conference.  Price will increase at the door, so sign up now!

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Room Locations for WRIPMA Conference

Room locations have been assigned for the spring conference in Portland, and are shown on a conference program summary.

Download the summary

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Early Registration for WRIPMA Conference Extended

You can still take advantage of discounted registration fees until the Western Regional IPMA-HR Conference begins April 27 in Portland.

Confirm your plans now as you won’t want to miss this line up of keynote speakers and break out sessions. Whether your area of interest is diversity, recruitment, classification/compensation or positioning HR to provide strategic leadership in your organization this conference has session for you. Plus choose from 2 preconference sessions. One on auditing the personnel policies and another on framing and conducting a classification/compensation study.

Register for the conference [This link takes you directly to the Western Region conference registration site]

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