Why should I register?

We recommend members use the “Register” link under the User Action menu on the left site of the page. Users must be registered to comment on any of the articles on the web site. We have also done this to prevent the site from being used for spamming purposes.  You will receive a temporary password by registering, and then when next logging in, it is recommended that you change your password to something you will remember more easily.

What browser should I use?

The site is best viewed using Chrome or Firefox but other browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge) will also work.

I just want to join; how can I do that?

The  current membership form is here.

Where do I find the chapter bylaws?

Download Chapter Bylaws [PDF]

Does the site have an RSS feed?

Yes.   You may subscribe by copying this shortcut and pasting it in your reader.

Are we on Facebook?

We are, and here’s our FB page.

How about Google + ?

Find us on Google+

How about LinkedIn?

We’re there too.

Does the chapter have a tax identification number?

Yes. It’s shown on this document.

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