Second PECBA 101 Class Scheduled for January 20

Want an overview on the Public Employees Collective Bargaining Act? Join the Oregon chapter for a PECBA 101 workshop on January 13, 2017  and learn how to bargain more effectively within the parameters of the act. Our presenters–Diana Moffatt of the Speer Hoyt law firm and Steve Herron, Labor Relations and Class/Comp Director for Multnomah County–are both experienced negotiators, and will give you helpful tips and information on the bargaining process.

The January 13 PECBA 101 training at the Wilsonville Training Center (Clackamas Community College), at 29353 SW Town Center Lp East, Wilsonville OR 97070 is full, but we have added a second class on January 20 in the same location.

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Register now for October Conflict Management Seminar

The chapter’s October 21st seminar in Tualatin will cover how we can be reactive in conflict, how to manage conflict and how to approach our own responses to conflict flexibly and accountably.

What does your nervous system have to do with conflict? We all know that our sympathetic nervous system can be triggered if we face a physical threat or danger. We almost get into an accident or we are attacked physically and we go into fight, flight or freeze. This causes our brain to trigger our sympathetic nervous system, release adrenaline and send blood to the major muscle groups and away from the executive functioning part of the brain allowing us to run away from the threat. Psychological threats (including conflict) can also trigger the fight or flight reaction. Someone says or does something to threaten our sense of self- like challenging our competence, intruding on a psychological boundary or calling us out in a meeting, and we can go into fight or flight. We have almost no control over this because it is an automatic process, hard-wired into our nervous systems over millennia. There are things we can do to manage ourselves once we notice this is happening.

The seminar will be presented by attorney Jill Goldsmith, who has more than 20 years experience in employment matters. After graduating from UC Hastings College of the Law in 1991, Jill practiced labor and employment law in Oregon with Lane Powell Spears Lubersky, and later became in-house counsel with Tri-Met. Jill became a mediator in 1998, and since 2002, Jill started her business to provide neutral investigation/fact-finding, mediation and training.

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2016-2017 Membership Renewal

It’s time to renew Oregon Chapter IPMA-HR membership for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  The membership renewal form is downloadable. The Chapter board has decided that membership dues will remain at the same rates ($35 for those who have memberships in IPMA-HR national, and $60 for those who aren’t national members).

ADDITIONAL Benefits from being a local Oregon IPMA-HR Chapter member are:

  • Discounts on IPMA-HR Events
  • Tuition and Professional Development Scholarships
  • Unmatched Networking with Other Public Sector HR Professionals.
  • Professional Resources

Additional benefits:

As a chapter affiliated member of National IPMA-HR, you also receive these benefits:

  • Weekly HR Bulletin delivered via email
  • Member rate for all IPMA-HR professional development activities, IPMA-HR Western Region Conference and National Conferences, HR Competency Training Program, HR Certificate Program and monthly training webinars

Labor Relations Graduate Course Offered at Portland State University

A graduate level course in labor relations is being offered at Portland State University this fall. For information, please download the description below.

Download course announcement [PDF]


Recent Professional Status Changes

Congratulations to Oregonians for achieving recent IPMA Certified Professional Designations. Among those approved for designation last month are:

Christine Atkinson, HR Analyst, Multnomah County Department of Community Justice. IPMA-CP

Pamela Bowles, HR Generalist, City County Insurance Services, Salem, IPMA-CP

Kathleen Hinman, HR Analyst, Deschutes County, IPMA-CP

Sharon Melendy, HR Analyst, City of Medford, IPMA-CP

Aaron Prunty, City Administrator, City of Shady Cove, IPMA-CP

Taylor Sorgenfrie, Administrative Assistant, City of Wilsonville, IPMA-CP

Teresa Taplin, HR Technician, Multnomah County Department of Community Justice, IPMA-CP

Jody Wilson, Benefits Supervisor, Washington County, IPMA-SCP

If you are a member of IPMA-HR who has not yet qualified for this professional recognition, the Oregon chapter encourages you to pursue this highly recognized designation for professional competencies.

March 11 Seminar Registration Opens

IPMA-HR Oregon Chapter is pleased to present an Introduction to Multnomah County’s Equity and Empowerment Lens.  Daniel Garcia, Multnomah County’s  Equity and Mediation Training Specialist will facilitate a workshop that provides a basic introduction to this innovative quality improvement tool. It identifies social and racial inequities within Multnomah County’s programs, policies, and practices–helps ensure that meaningful work is performed in a fair and equitable fashion.

This workshop provides key concepts; sharpens self-awareness; explores the interplay of identity, privilege, and systemic inequity; and provides a respectful place to have courageous conversations about equity, diversity and what it means to those of us working in the public sector.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday, March 11th in Tualatin.

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Chapter offers intensive classification-compensation class

IPMA-HR Oregon is pleased to host a two-day class on Classification and Compensation. Tameka Usher, from CPS Consulting will lead you through a complete training on the topics – from inception to results. The class will be April 12-13 in Tualatin.

The class size is strictly limited to the first 40 registrants, so send your paperwork in early!

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WRIPMA Conference Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the 2016 Western Region training conference in San Diego April 27-29.

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January 22 Training: Best and Worst Collective Bargaining Language

Often one of the most difficult aspects of negotiating collective bargaining contracts is understanding the value of language proposed by both sides. In our January 22 training session, join Pierre Robert, Senior Labor Law Attorney at the Local Government Personnel Institute, and Blaise Lamphier, Port of Portland Labor Relations Manager in discussing tips for reviewing CBA language with a discriminating eye. The session will be held in the Tualatin Police Department Community Room, 8650 SW Tualatin Road, Tualatin.

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Handling Difficult Conversations is topic of November 6 Training Session

One of the most dreaded job tasks a manager has is confronting an employee regarding inappropriate behavior, poor performance, or even bad body odor. As much as we’d like to avoid these, handling difficult conversations effectively, is a critical skill that every people needs to be effective.

Join the IPMA-HR Oregon Chapter for this short but powerful session and learn how to handle these types of difficult conversations.

The training will cover:

·        Listening Skills to diffuse defensive behaviors
·        How to begin a difficult conversation
·        How to provide effective feedback that is specific and measurable
·        How to prevent yourself from getting hooked off the subject and to avoid arguments
·        How to use and work through a problem solving and conflict resolution process

If you’ve never experienced the engaging, enlightening and humorous presentation style of Lenny Borer you are in for a treat! Lenny will be presenting his signature training, “Handling Difficult Conversations” with us on Friday, November 6, 2015 at the Tualatin Police Department.

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