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Scholarship Program

One goal of the IPMA-HR Oregon Chapter is to help you–our members–continue your professional development through course work, training and/or certification. Each fiscal year the Oregon Chapter Board allocates available funds to the Scholarship Program. These funds are distributed to Oregon Chapter members who apply for them and meet the general requirements for disbursement as listed on the application form.

Scholarship program


The IPMA-HR Oregon Chapter is committed to providing professional development opportunities to its members. The purpose of this mentoring program is to establish a list of HR professionals who are willing to serve as mentors and subject matter experts, and provide opportunities for individuals to form partnerships to support ongoing professional development. Mentors are Oregon Chapter members who are IPMA-HR Certified Professionals.

Mentoring program description [PDF]

Mentor signup form – [PDF]

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IPMA-HR strives to encourage excellence in public sector human resources, promote continuous learning and develop the next generation of leaders. To that end, IPMA-HR offers an internationally recognized certification program to the public HR community: the IPMA-CP. For more information click on the following link:  IPMA-HR Certification.


IPMA-HR Oregon Chapter is pleased to partner with Portland State University’s Human Resource Management (HRM) specialization for the Masters in Public Administration (MPA) program in the Division of Public Administration of the Mark O. Hatfield School of Government as we continue to provide resources for expanding human resource education in the public sector.

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